We will be a premier RP guild of like minded people with emphasis on lore from WC thru Cataclysm.  Using creative ways to allow our characters to accept and explain Lorelol and Retcons while using the rich backstory of Azeroth to be a frame our chracters can grow on.
OOC? a relaxed friendly place to progress, a guild to call home.
Guild chat is OOC and keep it clean-do read rules and restrictions!
Events primarily RP!!! As we grow, RP will always be our main guild focus.
If it seems now like a lot of taboos, it is only to make sure you make a happy and long fit with the main guild body, drama is no fun nor is conflicting mission statements.  Therefore; time for: the REQUIREMENTS and the RULES
  • 1) MOST IMPORTANT! = Use Common sense
  • 2) Don't  be a jerk (unsure? see rule 1 and err on the side of caution)
  • 3) Do not debate drugs, politics or religion in Guildchat
  • 4) Do not use vulgar language or explicit terms in Guildchat


Kickable offenses
- griefing* another player regardless of membership
- making guild look bad in public** channels (you wear our name you Represent us!)
- breaking set guild rule
- public ERP ***
- flagrant breaking of Blizz TOU
*intentional actions to degrade or annoy another person through verbal communication or in-game mechanics
** public behavior includes Battlenet Forums and Guild Forums
*** ERP Erotic Role Play :Definition wise: sexual or erotic role playing is a technique that requires you to enact a fantasy character along with your partner, behave as that character would in bed and culminate the love making being in the character only
Guild OOC requirements are (see full forum note):
That you are active  
Lore friendly naming of characters
Be a good representaive of our tabard!
Knowing our IC requirements (see sticky)
If we work together and stay focused, not only will we enrich our member playtime but the immersion of walk ups and sister guilds!!
When they ask what's a good RP guild? Don't you want the community to mention YOUR guild as one of those. We are to be proud of Wyrmrest racial RP guilds on our server like The Shanre, The Sentinels, Gnomerrgan Forever, Brotherhood of Steel, Sons of Turylon! 
But many multi race guilds lost their RP roots.
ME? I have joined my last guild to see only 3 people out of 60 willing for RP or have it fall apart with attrition. So here we are! Members spend many hours online together or individually, and should never be more stressed here in Azeroth as they are in that place where this is their 15/mo getaway! Personalities may clash time to time, but if we are here in the spirit of fun and RP , they should easily smooth. But the rules ensure a base of like-minded people to ensure less friction in-guild and in a RP enviorment!